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Transfer mit Ausstehhilfe GK Star in die Wanne
Komfortable Sitzposition in der Wanne
  1. Electric door lock

  2. Grab handle

  3. Drain and overflow set

  4. Entry door swivelling

  5. Integrated head support

  6. Filling of the tub, controlling of the disinfection and hydro
    massage via keypad; Scald protection system using
    temperature protection limiters.

  7. Lateral tub spout with optionally integrate able feed of bathing additives.

  8. Adjustable hydro massage setup with patented 2-jet system, self-draining and disinfect able.

  9. Electronically controlled disinfection device with adjustable dosage.

  10. Hand control

  11. Optionally: manual door lock

  12. 4-piece cushion set included in the delivery

The sit-in and reclining bathtub with side entry and flexible connections is designed to be used in many different bathing areas. The electrical wide opening door allows for quick and easy side access.

The design of the bath gives enough ground clearance to allow easy access for most patient hoists.

GK Relax geschlossen und geschwenkt in Badeposition
GK Relax in Endposition für einen bequemen Ausstieg



The sit-in bath GK HERA has a normal door that opens on the side. Its features are controlled electronically. With GK HERA bathing makes you happy again.


The sit-in bath GK HERA is a novel alternative to conventional bathing systems. The desire of many older and disabled people for more independence when bathing was fully taken into account. The lateral, 180° opening door guarantees an easy translation from toilet chairs or wheelchairs. Additionally to ease of use, the bathtub GK HERA has been adapted to all technical safety and hygienic requirements in modern patient care.


  • Tub and panelling made of fiberglass reinforced polyester with hygienic Gelcoat surface

  • Tub seat with ergonomic back panel, elevated headrest and channel drain from the pan

  • The tub fill, controllable through the keypad, stops automatically at the level pre-set in the fill level control. A premature stop of the water supply is possible at any time.

  • Operation of the electronically controlled functions through a keypad with overview of the activated step by LEDs

  • Error code indication on the display

  • Temperature adjustment via a ¾" thermostatic mixer
    digital temperature display

  • Locking of the door by an electric motor

  • A safety system in the controller ensures that the door can be opened in an emergency situation at any time. In case of power failure, the safety system is powered by a built-in battery.

  • The patient shower with white shower hose and self-closing valve, operated via the keypad, can be hooked onto the tub edge
    at different positions.

Additionally included:

  • Patented 2-jet hydro massage system

  • Automatic fill-in stop

  • Digital display of the bathing water and shower temperature

  • Disinfection system

  • Short fill-in time

  • Wipe-clean keypad

  • Integrated bath oil and shampoo dispenser

  • Best seating comfort due to optimized interior

Sitzbadewanne HERA
Sitzbadewanne HERA
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